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Guy Benzeno

Public speaking and presentation skills trainer

Guy is a public speaking and presentation skills trainer.
In 2019, he started Center Stage, a communications consultancy specialised in public speaking.
He has extensive experience with live media and onstage content development. As the former
director of the Paperjam Club, he led the production and programming teams for over
50 conferences and hundreds of speakers. For 3 years, Guy and his team led the way with
innovative formats and production excellence. He also moderated dozens of Paperjam events.
Guy is a member of Luxembourg's professional improv league since 2014 ( He
performed in improv shows internationally and locally in front of large audiences. Guy uses
his experience with improvisational theatre to mentor clients about spontaneity, authenticity, and
storytelling. Guy is an active member of Luxembourg-based Toastmasters club Pitchcraft 4 Entrepreneurs. He regularly serves as a moderator for corporate events.

Contact details:
You may reach Guy Benzeno via .
Or follow him on LinkedIN and Instagram.


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