• VERBALIUS - Making public speaking easy

    Verbalius is a company dedicated to executive coaching in public speaking, debating and public relations skills.


    Verbalius provides the right combination of experience, expertise and tools to fit your requirements.


    Talented experts work together to coach your speakers, to create presentations from scratch or to fine-tune existing presentations including multimedia, such as animated graphics and videos, for your daily staff communication or customer sales pitches.


    Verbalius prepares your account managers and salespeople to excel in making your company attractive for customers.


    Media trainings get your staff ready to engage with journalists and get their message heard on paper, on radio or on TV.


    Verbalius offers companies exclusive event design, digital customer experiences and content curation.


    Besides preparing your speakers Verbalius creates tailormade events that from scratch. Our experts work with companies who are looking for to offering their guests real experiences in life, digital or hybrid events.

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