The 4th edition of the Infrachain Challenge is focused on the Public Sector Blockchain developed by the Ministry for Digitalisation and on accelerating public energy efficiency. Teams have 30 hours to develop an innovative project based on the Public Sector Blockchain and code a working demo. Each team pitches their project in front of a jury to convince them that their solution is the best.

    Context of the Hackathon Challenge

    Energy markets are subject to inflation and energy prices have raised to unprecedented levels. In the current situation, the government has engaged itself with the European Commission to reduce energy consumption by 15% by March 2023. Public awareness campaigns for power saving have been launched across Europe, some of them also require each of us to make some fundamental shifts in our behavior.


    In this context, the government is contributing through several initiatives. For example, heating levels have been adapted in public sector buildings for the winter season, which should have a significant impact. There is room for improvement, and technologies like blockchain and IoT (Internet of things) can play a major role to achieve even a higher range of energy economies.

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